June 17th, 2011



Ben mentioned the other day that the best 4 cheese pizza he had (in the states) was at a French restaurant in Cleveland named l’albatros. Ben had worked a holiday gig at the restaurant along with a flutist and a guitarist. In compensation he got a free meal for two at the restaurant. Outside of new york it was one of my few fancy restaurant visits and I tried to order cheap since we weren’t technically paying. But the manager came over and told us to order a 3 course meal! I can’t remember everything we had (Ben obviously got pizza) but I do remember this amazing tarte with oven roasted tomatoes or something in it. It was divine and I think when Ben and I go back to Cleveland for out wedding this might be a good place for us to go just me and him for lunch one day. The albatross is supposed to be lucky and all!