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My sister and her boyfriend got engaged today so it seems appropriate to think back on my engagement. I remember Ben asking me if I would e free after class and I had actually made plans, but not till a little later, but they were kind of iffy anyway. I raced home from class so I could spend maximum time with Ben and asked what he had planned and he said nothing that was on a strict schedule. Weird. Not knowing where we were going I wanted to use the bathroom before we left. As I was doing my business the thought actually crossed my mind if Ben might be getting ready to propose, as we had been discussing it for several months. But I dismissed this and we hopped in the car. As we drove down the road Ben pulled into a little plaza and I spied an ice cream joint next to a jewelry shop. Mmmm, Ice cream! Until Ben took my hand and led me into the jewelers. So many things happened. Ben showed me the ring he picked out. I tried it on (the wrong hand!) and took it home. Then I made poor Ben take it back later in the week and get it made a half size smaller! Oh, and I was so shocked and excited we forgot to get ice cream on the way home!
Tags: memories
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