Flowers! How could I ever forget that Ben was the first boy to ever give me flowers for my birthday? Or for pretty much anything? And he didn’t even get little carnations; he went all out with a dozen roses. I suppose it would happen on my golden birthday of all of them. But Ben still occasionally brings home flowers and I love it. Still, I remembered to press one of the roses in a dictionary and now it is sitting on my unicorn shelf.


Late on this one because we went out to see Assassins. Ben loves Sondheim and I really liked Sweeney Todd, but one of the highlights of my trip to New York was going with Ben and his aunt to see Sunday in the Park with George, which was just an amazing experience. I remember thinking wow, New York is so amazing! I can’t believe you can grow up with musicals like that. No wonder Ben is such a fan of musicals and Sondheim


343: Ben was at a production of The Ring (one of the 4, maybe the third part?) This evening and that reminds me of the very first opera I saw. Of course it was with Ben, but we rented a car and drove from Cleveland to Pittsburg to see a production of The Consul at Carnegie Mellon. I remember we were starving by the time we finally got there, after getting lost. We walked around looking for food and had probably one of the worst slices of pizza ever. But we were so hungry we went back for seconds. Then is started to snow a little on the ride back hoe and I secretly hoped we would get snowed in and be forced to stay in a hotel for the night, but we got back to Cleveland just fine.

Day 344

I remember meeting Ben at the Ahroma Café at school during one break very early on. I’m pretty sure he bussed from CIM to CSU just to meet me. We both ordered a hot chocolate (not so good) and I was surprised to see that he also got a straw for his, though I have never seen him use a straw on hot chocolate again. I was very nervous at this meeting and Ben wanted me to try something new, baklava. I explained that I was a very picky eater but I would be willing to try I (desserts are generally safer than other foods anyway). Needless to say the baklava was not very good. I might not remember much else about that day but I do remember the line, “Do not judge all baklava by this baklava”.

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345: Once while walking back from a Severance hall concert with Ben we got caught in the rain. It was one of those sudden storms when the sky opens and you are drenched within seconds, but I remember (almost) running and giggling at the freshness of it all. I know that there are no summer concerts in Severance, but it’s possible it was a very warm spring or possibly an early fall concert because the rain wasn’t cold and I didn’t shiver until we got inside the house where we could keep each other warm.

Memories Day 1

I've got a tentative date for the wedding and I want to do something special every day that will let me enjoy the time between then and now without stressing out. Since memories are something I find interesting I thought it would be cool to write one every day and compile them later.

My first memory of Ben is of him walking into the back door of the Border’s Bookstore and standing in the middle of the café area, eyes searching for me. When he finally saw me a huge smile lit across his face. I remember even then being impressed he recognized me so quickly only having online photos as a guide. There is a concept of love at first sight and I had never believed in that. How could I when we meet or even see so many people in our lives? I still don’t believe in love at first sight since love is something that takes time and nurturing. But I believe in having a moment that is so important to you that you will never forget it. I felt even then, that there was something special about that moment.

Custom Pony

Hooray! It's my very first custom pony. Can we say can we say "learning experience". So originally I said I would never get into custom ponies. I know the hobby would be expensive, time consuming, etc. That and honestly I don't LIKE a majority of the customs I see. I can tell that a lot are artful, but I just personally don't like non-pony colors on ponies, or non-removable clothing, or makeup on baby ponies. Okay, I don't like makeup on any ponies honestly. Except the blush, which I don't think of as makeup.

So I saw some custom stuff cheap and got it for fun and Ben called saying he was at Target and I said bring me home a Rarity or a Fluttershy I want to try customizing. I knew from the very beginning Starflower was what I wanted to do. There are some bushes I walk by on my way to work and I loved the colors and the teeny tiny flowers. Fluttershy had a bit of a gash in her body on her nds so I figured this really was the best thing to play with first.

Here is the mane I've started rehairing. Ooops, you can see where the hair plugs are a bit crooked. I think the rehairing took about an hour and a half. Not bad considering I had no clue what I was doing. I did however learn that if you can't find glue you go to the store and get some. I put diamond glaze in the head and apparently too much because it seeped through the holes and about a quarter of an inch into the hair! I soaked it in some peroxide ad ran it under hot water to get most of it out.

Next is the tail and the symbol/cutie mark. I wanted that nice flat painting other customizers get and did not achieve it at all. Also realized I had no sealant and diamond glaze could be cool. I think this might have worked if I applied with a brush, but I didn't and it kind of got all over. Then I accidentally stuck my thumb on it and messed it up even more.

Finally, I tried several different things with the hair. I was trying for a wave, but I kept getting a crazy pink pie poofy mess. Ten I stopped with this because I really liked it. It may not be "traditional" and no where near what I've seen other people do with hair, but I still like it a lot.

So no, I would not consider my first custom a success by a long shot (I also messed up the neck and the head is glued on) but it was fun and I think I've learned a lot for next time.



Mood theme is working now! <3 Ponies! I even bought some pony hair and a rerooting tool. Ben is bringing me home a G4 tonight to customize! Bwahahha.
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